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Industrial RO Plant in Ahmedabad Gujarat

Industrial RO (Reverse Osmosis) Plant in Ahmedabad

Industrial RO (Reverse Osmosis) Plant is widely used for removal of dissolve chemical impurities from brackish & seawater. Reverse osmosis is the process of forcing a solvent from a region of high dissolve solids concentration through a membrane to a region of low dissolve solids concentration by applying a pressure in excess of the osmotic pressure.The semi permeable membranes used for reverse osmosis have a dense polymer barrier layer in which separation takes place.

Industrial RO Plant in Ahmedabad

Shubham inc, Industrial RO Plant are designed for a variety of industrial and commercial applications requiring high quality  Industrial equipment in Ahmedabad, Gujarat.

A reverse osmosis plant (RO) is a manufacturing plant where the process of reverse osmosis takes place. An average modern reverse osmosis plant needs six kilowatt-hours of electricity to desalinate one cubic meter of water.[1] The process also results in an amount of salty briny waste. The challenge for these plants is to find ways to reduce energy consumption, use sustainable energy sources, improve the process of desalination and to innovate in the area of waste management to deal with the waste. Self-contained water treatment plants using reverse osmosis, called reverse osmosis water purification units, are normally used in a military context.

Shubham Industrial RO Plants are designed for a variety of industrial & commercial applications requiring high quality equipment with a fast delivery and competitive price. These pre-engineered, pre-assembled and factory tested units minimize installation and start-up time. With simple utility connections and easy to set up controls, the unit is ready for quick on-line service. The control system is an advanced microprocessor based system that is very easy to use.

Shubham Industrial RO Plants are available in flowrates from 0.25 M3hr. to 100 M3hr. Using high quality 4 and 8 inch semipermeable membrane and equipment’s for variety of applications.

Working Principal of Ro Plant 

Industrial RO Plant is water purification process in which pre-treated & filtered water is connected to the high-pressure pump where pressure is developed and fed to the RO membranes.Reverse Osmosis membranes work on the Cross flow Filtration method where the salts get rejected partially and deliver pure water. Purified water is referred to as product and waste water is referred to as concentrate or reject. The percent of water delivered as product is called the recovery. The ratio of recovery& output parameters depend upon the feed water quality, type of membrane, temperature and total RO unit design considerations.

Technical Specifications of RO Plant

Flow : 0.25M3/Hr. – 50 M3/Hr.
Inlet TDS : Up to 10000 Mg/L for brackish water up to 35000 Mg/L for Sea Water
Outlet TDS : 98% Rejection
Flux Rate : Varies from 15 LMH to 30 LMH
Temperature : 25˚ Celsius
Type of Membranes : Energy efficient Polyamide
SDI : < 3 at inlet
Controls : Microprocessor / PLC
Flow Monitoring : Rota meter / digital flow meters.
Pre filters : PP & SS with 5 Micron cartridges
High Pressure Pumps : Vertical inline SS 304 & 316
Pre Filter : Cartridge Filter of 5 Micron absolute
Membranes housing : FRP / SS
RO Skid : MSEP / SS

Salient features

TFC RO Membranes ensure optimum water quality
High pressure 316 stainless steel vertical multistage feed pump
ASME Code FRP, RO pressure vessels with pressure relief protection
UPVC low pressure feed, product and reject piping, 316L stainless steel high pressure piping
Epoxy coated carbon steel / SS frames
Dry contacts are provided for chemical feed, pre-treatment equipment, storage tank levels, and pressure switches
All alarm and shut down conditions are indicated on the control interface.

Advantages of RO Plant

User-friendly programmable controls
High quality components ensure continuous, reliable operation
Pre-engineered systems mean easy installation
Clean-in-place connections maximize system availability
Compact footprint saves valuable floor space
Quick equipment delivery keeps project moving fast
Easy to install and operate.
Produces high quality Water
Variety of cost effective standard models.


Boiler water Treatment
Cooling Tower Water Treatment
Process Water
Drinking Water
Horticulture for high end crop
Water For injection (WFI)
Water for electrical conductor circuits
Wastewater recycling
Zero Liquid discharge system


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